About Us

The Anthem Educational Society was founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, from various walks of the life. New Chairperson Mr. Narinder Garg (C.A. , C.S.) and some new members in the society this year has come up with their new visionary approach and lofty ideas. Their credo is to provide all round development and a sound moral base. Fostering character building & nurturing the inquisitive spirit of children , encouraging scientific temperament & strengthening social bonds, are their constant endeavours. Surging ahead with a spirit of healthy competition, balancing a successful career teamed with a contended life is the gift they wish to give to all O.A.P.S. children. They want each student of O.A.P.S. to Surge ahead with a spirit of healthy competition and learn to balance a successful career with a contended life.

Oxford Angel Public School (OAPS) is a Delhi India based Junior School, which was started in Delhi by The Anthem Educational Society in the year 2004 The school is administered by Mr. Narinder Garg (C.A. , C.S.). The medium of instruction is English.

Today the School does have approx 500 students, 33 Faculties, Pre - 8th Classes and 25 Classrooms. OAPS is a leader in Junior Education and in top Schools in Delhi NCR. The school is having a good campus spanning . It has manicured many plants in its lawn. OAPS has state of the art infrastructure with Digital Technologies , a public announcement system and a network of close circuit cameras to ensure the safety and well being of the children.

Our Mission

To inculcate, the values of hard work and self discipline in the students from the every beginning.

To develop in students a healthy respect for and appreciation of different cultures both local and global.

To nurture in students an awareness of environmental and economic issues of the contemporary world to prepare them for their role as global leaders.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be India's Best School.

Our Values

Our Core Values are

  • i. Honesty
  • ii. Respect
  • iii. Commitment
  • iv. Delivery of Quality Education
  • v. Dedication
  • vi. Devotion
  • vii. Perfection
  • viii. Punctuality
  • ix. Discipline