The Anthem Educational Society was founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, from various walks of the life. Mr. Narinder K. Garg , a qualified Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary (F.C.A. ,F.C.S.) and other members in the society this year has come up with their new visionary approach and lofty ideas. Their credo is to provide all round development and a sound moral base. Surging ahead with a spirit of healthy competition, balancing a successful career teamed with a contended life is the gift they wish to give to all OAPS children.

Principal - Neetu Garg ( B.Sc., B Ed., MA – Eng. )

a Science Graduate and trained teacher having more than 25 years of experience understands that Every child is born winner but his success depends upon a complex interplay of several related factors. children develop a positive personality only if they are encouraged by people and circumstances, which ensure that their self esteem is carefully nourished, throughout the crucial growing up years. We believe in creating an atmosphere where a child potential is watered, aired and manure to make it bloom like a flower that spread its fragrance all around. The education methodology at OAPS includes discussions ,smart classes ,projects, simulations and other learning tools to ensure that they can apply them to the real life professional experiences.